Six Creative Outlets for Your Mental Health

Six Creative Outlets for Your Mental Health

What may seem like just a nice self-care activity or a new hobby can actually be one of the best outlets for your mental health. When you don’t know how to convey your emotions out loud, turning into something artistic gives you the chance to express yourself. And each form of creativity has its own benefits.

No matter what your skill level is, embrace your inner artist with some of these artistic outlets. And try not to worry about the final product. Lean into the process of creating.


Coloring isn’t just for kids. Sure, there’s a reason why we grew up with it: it’s an easy way into the world of art. And the same is true now. Embrace the simplicity. Find comfort with coloring in the lines. Or express yourself and ignore them completely. Either way can be pretty therapeutic.

Coloring reduces stress and anxiety, fights depression, helps you sleep, improves your focus, helps with mindfulness...well, you get the point. It’s scientifically proven to improve your mental health all around. 

Drawing & Painting

All you need to do is watch a video of Bob Ross to know the soothing power of art. Sometimes you can’t put into words exactly what you’re thinking or feeling, and the only way to get it out of your head is to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and cover a canvas. This type of creativity has been scientifically proven to help people through trauma, as well as releasing all of those feel-good hormones. 


Yes, learning a dance for TikTok actually counts here. Even if you have no rhythm at all, dance connects your mind and body in a really unique way — outside of just the normal benefits of exercise. Studies show that it can actually change the way that your brain works by helping you change your patterns of thinking (for the better). It can also help fight depression and improve your overall mood. 


Just think for a second about a time where you sang your heart out in the shower or had a good cry to a beautiful song. It made you feel a whole lot better, right? Research shows that music can lift your mood and help you relax. Performing, creating, learning, listening — any way that you’re working music in your life — can help your mental health. 


Okay, just to clear things up: none of your crafts have to be Pinterest-worthy works of art! This is all about putting your hands to work (and getting out of your head for a little while). Learning origami or taking up crocheting actually has the same effects on your body as meditating. You could crochet the same piece of yarn over and over again — the final product is not the point, it’s the act of doing it that matters.


Journaling is one of those go-to prescriptions for improving your mental health, but why is it good for you — especially in a creative way?  It helps you achieve goals, boost your memory, help you work through anxiety and stress  (plus a whole lot more). You can write as full sentences, in forms of poetry, or even just bullet points. There doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, beautifully written revelations on every single page, but there’s something inherently creative about putting your emotions into words

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